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  • Profile of myself and this site

    I am a man and my age is over 30 years old. I like footsal and soccer. I belong to the Red Amigo(since last spring) of a footsal team at the Saitama prefecture. I've took part in the team meeting about two times per month and enjoyed to kick a ball or drink beer with my friends. There are many young persons in the team and they have recently called me the Presbyterian despite I'm not a starting member of Red Amigo. I sometimes take a running near the river and muscle-trainning so as not to be defeated by young friends because I never want to be defeated. I started footsal for the purpose of diet and exercise. Despite I'm not young in the team, I'm so serious to do footsal now because I want to defeat a special footsal team for me.

    Nowadays the photos of a bread, a sweet, and a box lunch made by my wife are mainly introduced in this site despite the footsal is indicated first. My family consists of three persons who are my wife, my son(7 years old), and myself. We like eating and have a home party so as to eat delicious foods two times per week. But we diet ourselves after the party day.

    Besides my son started to do the Beigoma a few month ago and I also got to do the Beigoma thanks to my son. My son and I frequently have the Beigoma battle in the recent holiday. I'm also serious to do the Beigoma because I never want to be defeated by my son. By the way, not only the Beigoma battle but also the battle of taking foods we frequently perform(I'm ashamed of the battles).

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    == Coffeehouse SORA ==

    fig4nn fig4 fig4n

    Let me introduce the coffeehouse SORA to you. This coffeehouse is well-known to me and is a little smart. You can taste both cake and Japanese sweet in the coffeehouse. You can drink a wonderful coffee provided by a graceful women too. I recommend you to go inside the coffeehouse SORA if you would be near there.

    Location is just in front of SUWA shrine near SAIEN temple which exists along the old road of Inawashiro SKI, Japan.

    Feel free to link. Please send e-mail to me if you want to have the mutual link with this site.

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