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QuoEdit 1.1.8f6 English version for Mac OS (7, 8 and 9), 68K/PPC
03/21/2013, 1181KB (sit.bin)
QuoEdit 1000+ 1.1.8f6     for Mac OS X 10.0 or later, PPC
03/21/2013, 2798KB (
QuoEdit 1040+ 1.1.8f6     for Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Universal
03/21/2013, 3201KB (


You can update only the application file. (For 68K Mac, choose "QuoEdit.68K" and rename it to "QuoEdit".)

QuoEdit 1.1.8f6     English version for Mac OS (7, 8 and 9), 68K/PPC, application only
03/21/2013 (sit.bin)
QuoEdit 1000+ 1.1.8f6     for Mac OS X 10.0 or later, PPC, application only
03/21/2013 (zip)
QuoEdit 1040+ 1.1.8f6     for Mac OS X 10.4 or later, universal, application only
03/21/2013 (zip)


Appearance-Required 1.1.8f6 for System 7.1 + Appearance 1.0.1 or later, 68K/PPC
Application files only, smaller version with no code for pre-Appearance.
(Appearance 1.0.1 is included in Mac OS 8.1.)
TEC-unsupported 68K 1.1.8f6 for System 7.1 or later, 68K
Application file only, smaller version with no code for Text Encoding Converter (TEC).


Bonusware     A kind of premium for you.

What's New

1.1.8f6 (03/21/2013)
1.1.8f5 (01/23/2013)
1.1.8 (05/12/2011)
1.1.7 (11/28/2010)
1.1.6 (12/31/2009)

For detailed information on whatŐs new, download and see History (that is just like my personal notes, though).


About QuoEdit

QuoEdit is a plain text editor that runs on Mac OS 7.1 or later.

While editing text is based on traditional, Mac OS encoding (TEXT), QuoEdit is also familiar with Unicode (utxt).

QuoEdit supports AppleScript powerfully in the following levels.
Scriptable: full features (and more) of the application can be controlled by script.
Recordable: you can record, replay and save your jobs with/without the Script Editor (like keyboard macro).
Attachable: you can attach scripts to menus with various options by QuoEdit's Menu utility or AppleScript. (To the customizable menus, you can also attach text, tags and any files.)

QuoEdit supports regular expression (regex) search as well as ordinary search. As for the ways to search, ordinary search and batch find are supported.

Also, QuoEdit supports multiple levels of undo/redo, rectangular selection, sort, and so forth. The most operations (including dialogs) in QuoEdit are supported by keyboard. The text engine and the search engine are its original code.

Incidentally, my favorite feature is that you can let the Finder open or reveal the target file from file dialog, by holding down Option (+ Shift) key. ItŐs useful!

Shareware: You can purchase your license at online order page in the Kagi store. The cost is US$10. For the detail, please see contents of Shareware Info folder.



Basically, scripts are compiled in AppleScript 1.x.If an applet extracted by The Unarchiver does not launch (in Mac OS X), try extracting it by StuffIt Expander.

Search Google, UTF-8 version (12/2012, 9KB, sit.bin, no documentation)
Revised version of an AppleScript script included in X version of QuoEdit. This version can also be used from Mac OS version of QuoEdit. (TEC (Text Encoding Converter included in Mac OS 8 or later) is required.)
Search Wikipedia (12/2012, 8KB, sit.bin, no documentation)
An AppleScript script to look up the selected word in the Wikipedia. (TEC required)
Unicode relative scripts (05/2012, 20KB, sit.bin)
Four AppleScript scripts "Get Unicode code", "Input by Unicode Code...", "To HTML Char Ref" and "To Unicode hhhh pattern". (TEC, QuoEdit 1.1.8+ required)
Open non-Mac encoding by QEdt (12/2005, sit.bin and zip archived in X 10.3)
Includes droplets and scripts to open (or reopen) text file(s) of non-Mac encoding by QuoEdit (1.1.1+).

Misc (or junk) Files

QEdt Locales for Mac OS 7 - 9 (04/2011, 2KB, sit, bin)
QEdtLocales.osax for Mac OS X 10.0+ (04/2011, 2KB, sit 5, bin)
QEdtLocales_1040+.osax for Mac OS X 10.4+ (04/2011, 4KB, zip)
Terms only osax, to make reading/writing script easy if your script refers to 'local names' property of menu or menu item object.
As for "English" and "Japanese", the terms are now defined in application file (in QuoEdit 1.1.8) so this osax is no need.
Search Wikipedia by Google (12/2012, 9KB, sit.bin, no documentation)
An AppleScript script to search Wikipedia by Google for the selected word. (TEC-supported QuoEdit 1.1.7+ is required.)
Search J Dictionaries (07/2014, 51KB, sit.bin, online document)
Four AppleScript scripts to search on-line dictionary of Japanese, English-Japanese, Japanese-English and so on. The scripts use dictionary sites of goo, Infoseek, Weblio and Yahoo! Japan respectively.
Roman1-Roman2 (09/17/2006, 23KB, sit.bin, no documentation)
Two AppleScript scripts "Roman1 to Roman2" and "Roman2 to Roman1" to convert alphanumeric characters (or arbitrary pattern) between half width and full width in selected text in QuoEdit.
More scripts (32KB, sit.bin)
Scripts that came with old version of QuoEdit.
my Search menu addition (04/2013, 7KB, sit.bin, no documentation)
my Search menu addition.scpt (compiled in AppleScript 2.x, 04/2013, 8KB, zip, no documentation)
A sample AppleScript script to append Internet-search commands to the Search menu. Available for Mac OS version and X version of QuoEdit 1.1 or later.
In Mac OS X 10.5 or later, use 'my Search menu addition.scpt.
The appended Search menu items assume that AppleScript scripts "Search Google" (that comes with QuoEdit), "Search Wikipedia" (above) and like that are in Scripts folder of QuoEdit.
Build Menus Multilingual (05/2012, 84KB, sit.bin, no documentation)
AppleScript applets that build multilingual version of Tools menu and Extras menu. Used when shipping Mac OS X version of QuoEdit. (Also available for Mac OS version. QuoEdit 1.1 or higher is required.)
Build Menus en (11/2010, 25KB, sit.bin, no documentation)
AppleScript applets that build English version of Tools menu and Extras menu. Used when shipping Mac OS version of QuoEdit.
Apple event interfaces for QEdt 1.1.8 (05/2011, 34KB, sit.bin)
Includes a header file for Apple event definitions and a source file of 'aete' resource. If you are going to use it, note that the contents can be changed in future versions.
Making resources for QEdt 1.1.8 (42KB, sit.bin)
Includes source files for resource files (such as "Encodings" and "Localization") that come with QuoEdit.

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