Photo: Mt.Fuji

Japan is one of the most blessed country on the Earth by clearly
felt four seasons and beautiful landscapes. It includes the places of
severe cold in winter to Okinawa Islands of eternal summer. People
are living seeing the beautiful mountains and the sea around the
nation.My home page offers you Japan's sightseeing historical places
which I am going to write and add. Today, I offer you the three provinces
that are the historical places. These places are the cities along Izu
Hakone Railway , Kawagoe City in Saitama Prefecture, and Hagi City in
Yamaguchi Prefecture. Kawagoe near by Tokyo is called "Ko Edo ( Little
Edo )", and Hagi is the place where the young samurais of lower class
triggered Meiji Restoration which revolutionized Japan.140 years ago. In
the cities along Izu Hakone Railway, you can see the historical romance
of the founders of Samurai Culture 800 years ago.
Now let's go to the historical places.Please click one of themes below.


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Introduction for Traveling in Middle Izu Province

GO TO PART 1: MISHIMA CITY; Benefactions by Mt.Fuji and
Prosperous City Since One Thousand Several Hundred Years

GO TO PART 2: SHUZENJI: Excellent Hot Springs Place
Discovered By Ancient Buddhist Priest Kukai, Leaves
Tragidy Of The Ruin Of Genji Clan

GO TO PART 3: NIRAYAMA: The Cradle Of Hojyo Clan Who
Built Up Kamakura's Samurai Culture

GO TO KAWAGOE CITY: Kawagoe Conserves Much Of
Edo Era's Culture

GO TO HAGI CITY: The Place Triggered Meiji Restoration
140 Years Ago