Meifu-Shinkage ryu
 Open Seminar in
Date : 3rd July, 2010.
I have decided to held Shuriken seminar in Texas,
Mr. Daniel Fletcher, Shodan ranker in MSR, he has arranged the circumstances for the Seminar.

Then, in his home town Texas, we held Shuriken seminar on 3rd July.
That is the first experience for me to hold the seminar in abroad.

In the Seminar you take my direct guidance of MSR.
I'm very glad to meet you friends in U.S.A.
O.K., See you in July at Texas.

Thank you.

24 MAR 2010
Yasuyuki Otsuka.
Soke of Meifu-Shinkage ryu.
●Here is the Details of the Seminar●