15-24 Oct 2011
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wρ xor wKanHikarix literally means that one can seeonefs mind ilightjthrough a circular window.
Light is reflected in peoplefs mind, expressly in art and culture. .
The original word g Kan Hikari g in the ancient China meant to observe the light of a country. @g To observe the light of a countryh is that the leader of a country sees the light of its citizens by the way they live.

From ancient times, the Japanese have passed down their original light in the form of culture and art.
During the Muromachi era, Renga poets, Noh artists, calligraphers, painters, and tea ceremony masters had gatherings to prosper and strengthen the light of Japan.

It is our hope that by our exhibition we will revive the Japanese light of art and pass it on to future generations.

The first exhibition 2009, the light shining our future was born in a millennium ancient capital of Kyoto.
The light of art began to glitter in the second exhibition 2010.

In this fall 2011, this exhibition in Kyoto could be the catalysts that rekindle our Japanese light of art at the cultural heritage sites of Japan.

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